Judged by the World’s Leading Sparkling Wine Buyers

The World’s most powerful Buyers and Hoteliers Judge the Concours d’effervescents™,
Le meilleur concours de vins effervescents.

Winning a Concours d’effervescents™ Medal is THE seal of approval for Sparkling Wine Producers globally wanting to increase sales of their quality products to customers in the World.

The Concours d’effervescents™ Judges are responsible for buying at the largest wine Importers, Retailers and Hotels in the World, so impressing them with your quality products is essential to secure sales for your sparkling wines.

The Concours d’effervescents™ Judging panel is hand selected as:

  • Major purchasing decision makers at sparkling wine Importers, Distributors and Wholesalers

  • Restaurant group buyers

  • Purchasing decision makers at major retailers

  • Prominent Hoteliers

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Concours d’effervescentsJudges over the years hail from a wide range of organisations including: